Kayak Fishing
Inland / Freshwater Inshore / Saltwater
10 ft Hobie Outback with Mirage pedal drive. Very stable and great for hands-free trolling, but hull is too wide and flat for surf launching. Cable-operated rudder provides great maneuverability and drift control.  13 ft Ocean Kayak Prowler. Stable, with narrow hull and sharp bow for cutting through waves when surf launching. Elongated "rod pod" hatch between legs permits secure storage of rods and equipment within hull when surf launching. hull when surf launching. 
Kayak Trailer
I custom built this trailer from a 4x4' Harbor Freight utility trailer, aluminum truck tool box,
square tubing, and electrical conduit. Picture taken at Malaga Cove, Santa Monica Bay.
Prisoner's Cove  Launching@SCI 
Nov 2014: "Throwing plastics" for calico bass, Prisoner's Cove, Santa Cruz Island Nov 2104: Preparing to launch from the Island Adventure, Prisoner's Cove, Santa Cruz Island
MalibuPier  MalbuKelpBeds 
Jul 2014: Launch at Malibu Pier  Jul 2014: Fishing the Malibu Kelp Beds, Malibu Lagoon and Malibu Colony in the background  
Oct 2012: Kayak-trolling for trout on the Merced River. Jul 2012: Fishing the kelp beds at Rocky Point, Palos Verdes, CA.
Nov 2011: Trolling for trout on the Merced River, Snelling, CA. Oct 2011: First California halibut by kayak, Marina Del Rey, CA.

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