Doctoral dissertation on Himalayan forest ecology
"Indigenous Forest Use as an Agent of Change in Plant and Animal Communities of the Temperate Sikkim-East Nepal Himalaya"
Follow these links to pdf copies of dissertation chapters or chapter abstracts. All literature references are listed together at the end of the dissertation. 
Abstracts: Overall, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
Preliminary pages
Abstract, Acknowledgments, Tables of Contents
(27 pgs., 86 KB)
Chapter One
Problem, Objectives, Scope and Setting
(62 pgs., 14,625 KB)
Chapter Two
Harvest, Consumption, and Availability of Woody Plant Resources
(56 pgs., 26,967 KB)
Chapter Three
Associations of Woody Plant Species Along a Gradient of Forest Use
(37 pgs., 8,986 KB)
Chapter Four
Habitat Associations of Birds and Small Mammals Along a Gradient of Forest Use
(134 pgs., 19,087 KB)
Chapter Five
Ecological Change Along a Gradient of Forest Use
(92 pgs., 2,302 KB)
Chapter Six
A Model of Anthropogenic Change in Mixed Broadleaved Forests of the Temperate Sikkim-East Nepal Himalaya
(26 pgs., 2,223 KB)
(25 pgs., 153 KB)
Study Overview

Selected reviewer's comments:
"my god this is really interesting Geography", "very timely and well done research", "you really did an outstanding job", "superior dissertation", "I am super impressed", "I like your mastery of biodiversity and people", "you did a great job", "excellent work".

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