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Internet Radio
When people learn my home has been television-free for the past 35 years, they sometimes ask how I fill that "void" in my life. The basic answer is do something useful, or occasionally meditate (not in a formal way), and more often than not, have non-commercial music or news playing in the background. Streaming audio has become one of my best friends. I listen to commercial-free music of whatever genre suits me at the time, and I stay informed of world events - across the broader world - without the nightmare-inducing images. And, by avoiding television, I keep corporations and cultural trend-setters out of my personal space.
Swiss Jazz, Bern, Switzerland
Straight-ahead jazz, mostly American.
KCSN, Northridge, CA
Bluegrass, American Roots, Rock, Blues. Sundays, all day.
KKJZ, Long Beach, CA
Jazz and Blues.
For Blues, listen Saturdays and Sundays
WDVX, Knoxville, TN
Country/American Roots
For country classics, listen Thursdays, 19:00-22:00 EST, for bluegrass, Tuesdays, same hours.
WAMU Bluegrass, Washington DC
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